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2, 3 & 4 angle load Horse Float

The Fautras Oblic+ are fiberglass horse floats available in 2, 3 & 4 angle load.

Fautras Equine friendly Entrance 

Fautras® equine friendly entrance has 2 rear doors and a progressive floor™ making for easier loading. It is an American style step (2 doors and no ramp) and allows the horse to move forward onto the horse float without the obstacle of the ramp. Worldwide experience has shown the benefits of this system, especially for the nervous, young or green horses.

Fautras Front Exit

The large front door allows the horse to exit the horse float forward rather than rushing off backwards down a ramp. Ideal for the large, young, green and problem floating horses. This is also a great feature when floating brood mares with their foals. 

Fautras Tech Partition

The concept of the rigid partition deprives the horse of the space they need. The Fautras Tech flexible partitions give the horse an improved sense of space. Diagonal transportation allows the horse to balance itself by spreading its hind legs. The horse comfortably handles any braking, turns, round-a-bouts etc.

With many fantastic options available to make this horse float the perfect choice for you. Priced from only $23,990!


  • Available in 2, 3 & 4 Horse float;
  • All Fiberglass Trailer
  • 6 colours - Anthracite grey, Bordeaux, Navy Blue, Pearl grey, Green, White;
  • Decorative bands/trim stripes of your choice;

What makes this horse float so comfortable and safe for your horse?

  • Independent suspension, maintenance-free
  • Anti slip mats on rot-proof polyethylene floor;

  • Integrated roll over protection
  • FAUTRAS TECH™ body partition;


  • Front exit (with optional ramp)
  • Fautras equine friendly entrance with 2 rear doors for easier loading
  • Large tack area at the front offering large storage space
  • Triple positioning rear shutters (3 positions)
  • Auto blocking partitions®;

Oblic+2 - 2 Horse Float

From $23,990 

Weights and Dimensions

  • Tare 1130kg
  • GVM 2500kg;
  • Tongue weight when loaded 100kg;

  • Length internal 3.45m
  • Length external 4.66m;

  • Width internal 1.80m
  • Width external 2.36m;
  • Height 2.25m
  • Height 2.73m;

Oblic+2 - 3 Horse Float 

From $35,000

Weights and Dimensions

  • Tare 1480kg
  • GVM 3000kg
  • Tongue weight when loaded 120kg
  • Length internal 4.45m
  • Length external 5.66m
  • Width internal 1.80m
  • Width external 2.36m
  • Height 2.25m
  • Height 2.73m

Oblic+2 - 4 Horse Float 

From $39,000

Weights and Dimensions

  • Tare 1650kg
  • GVM 3500kg
  • Tongue weight when loaded 140kg
  • Length internal 5.15m
  • Length external 6.36m
  • Width internal 1.80m
  • Width external 2.36m
  • Height 2.25m
  • Height 2.73m

Available Options

  • Spacing rail with gas strut support

  • Removable feed bin
  • Roof rack & ladder
  • Side opening window with gas strut
  • Rear storage partition
  • Set of additional standard partitions (FAUTRAS TECH™)
  • Extended internal partitions Fautras Tech 'Breeding'
  • Support brackets for sulky carriage
  • Decorative bands/trim stripes (2 different colours)
  • Personalised logo 300 x 600 (artwork not supplied)

Side Opening Window

Available as an option on the Oblic Fautras Horse Floats, the side opening window gives the handler access to the horses heads while still contained in the float. Great for those long trips on busy road. Horses can be fed and watered without being unloaded. The window also allows great ventilation when at a standstill, for example the float can be used as a day stable when at a competition eliminating the risk of horses puling back and running into danger.







Price: AUD $21,809.09

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