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Rug Chain - Rubber

from AUD $40.91

Hang rugs and textiles of all kinds in the horse box, show stables, or anywhere.

Includes 2 ring chains and 2 carabiners for flexible placement. ...

Box Curtain

from AUD $194.55
The Stable Curtain is designed for competition use not only keeping your horse sheltered from busy breezeways, but also creating a professional look for y...

Rug Holder

from AUD $131.82

A highly practical foldable and sturdy rug-holder which can be hung on doors and stable boxes.

Does not have to be screwed into place.


Leg Wrap, Soft Protect

from AUD $65.45
Highly shock-absorbent and extremely soft pair of leg wraps. The inner is cotton and the outer has foam-memory ability. The outer section at the hoof is m...

Hanging Hook Hanger

AUD $85.45
The hanging wall hanger is designed to be used in conjunction with the hanging hook or anything you need a portable hook...

Hanging Hook, complete

from AUD $90.91
Lightweight and sturdy hook suitable to hang bridles, reins, spurs, bits, and much more including the TransHorse Sport Bridl...

Vet Bag

AUD $112.73
Designed for vets, animal clinics, and horse owners, this is a bag for keeping medicines and features numerous sections to secure small bottles, creams, s...


from AUD $57.27
These Halters are made using premium quality nylon and hardware, soft and padded nose band, cheek and neck parts. Adjustable at 3 points. A beautiful halt...


from AUD $27.27
The Carabiner has been designed to be used in conjunction with just about any TransHorse Sport Product. It can be used to hang the Stable Bag, items withi...

Alu Ring - Large

from AUD $57.27
Light, aluminium and well-shaped, with a convex opening to make it easy to attach or remove equipment. This Alu Ring is fantastic for use in stables from ...

Alu Ring - Small

from AUD $34.55

Aluminium, lightweight, and well-shaped, this product features a convex opening that makes it easy to attach or remove equipment.

This ring has so ...

Hay Net with Plate

from AUD $48.18
This unique looking hay net reduces hay dropped to the ground due to the polyester plate at the bottom. Great for travelling or at home. Works great in co...

Stallion Chain

AUD $66.36
Are you a stallion owner? Or do you have a pushy horse? This stallion chain is not the same as other stallion chains. The chain comes at an extended lengt...

Oil Brush Protector

AUD $13.64

Are you sick of you hoof oil brush making all your other grooming gear black or greasy? Are you sick of your hoof oil brush getting covered in dirt?


Simple Leg Wrap

from AUD $47.27
Simple Leg Wraps are extremely shock absorbent with a memory function.

Inside material is cotton and the outside is polyester.

Stable Door Guard

from AUD $155.45

The latest product added to the TransHorse Sport Range of Stable and Transport Equipment.

These beautifully de...

Rug Chest Protect

from AUD $40.91
A new take on the bib- this chest protect is even better!

Unlike the old fashioned over the head triangle bibs, this chest pr...

Bridle Bag 2

from AUD $172.73
Our fabulous THS Bridle Bags are perfect for use around your stables and out in competition. Big enough to fit multiple bridles, girths, breastplate, lo...

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