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OTTO footings provide customised solutions for every equestrian discipline. We individually adapt the footing mixture to the customer's needs and will always find the appropriate blend for every equestrian arena or paddock in order to enable our customers to train and compete on a high-performance, durable footing. Therefore, we offer different types of footing with and without footing amendments.

What makes the OTTO Sport Perforated Matts so effective and the number one choice for arena surfaces.

The durable solution for equestrian arenas and paddocks!

The OTTO Perforated Mat is an arena base system that offers drainage, stability, shock absorption, and arena longevity. The system creates a true all-weather arena that many riders need to keep up hectic training schedules. Clearly the world’s best arena base mats, OTTO Sport has chosen BSMSport Equestrian to represent the product exclusively in Australia.
The OTTO Perforated Mat is a product made of resilient material, specially designed for equestrian sports. It is used in equestrian arenas and paddocks, set underneath the footing to provide maximum drainage, water conservation, concussion mitigation and stability for horse and rider.


Stability and Concussion Absorption



OTTO Perforated Mats increase the stability of the footing with a system of traction-knobs on the upper side of the mat. The traction-knobs are set at differing heights to maximise the stability. This guarantees a secure surface, preventing horses from slipping – a clear advantage during sharp turns.

OTTO Perforated Mats absorb up to 40% of the energy caused by the hoof fall. The German Association for Technical Inspection (TÜV) confirmed the mat minimises shock and concussion on impact. The mat provides this grip while allowing some movement of the hoof, minimising concussion and hyper-flexion of tendons and ligaments during each phase of movement. 

Locking-rings —The tapered locking rings on the bottom side of the mat prevents all lateral shifting of the mats. Rocks cannot migrate up to the substructure, nor will sand and footing travel down under the mats. This ensures a proper and durable separation of footing and drainage layer.

Separation of Footing & Substructure

Sand cannot get under the mats, eliminating upward shiftings. “Locking rings” on the underside ensure safe anchorage of the mat in the base layer and prevent lateral shifting. Drainage and sub-base cannot get destroyed.

Well-performing expansion joint — Any material tends to expand when warming and contract when cooling. For large areas like paddocks or equestrian arenas, even a slight expansion has a great impact. Systems without expansion joints will bulge out when warming. Sand can trickle down in the emerging cavities, forcing the mat up and dislodging it from its initial position.

A gap of approximately 1.5 inches is set between each mat. The structure of the bottom side and weight will lock the mats into place. Sand cannot get under the mats, eliminating bulging and shifting of the surface.

Skid Resistance

A system of traction-knobs of different heights on the upper side of the OTTO Perforated Mat guarantees a secure surface and base and high stability. It prevents horses from slipping and sustaining serious injuries. 


No other drainage method can match the amount of water an OTTO-Perforated Mat System can remove. Holes in the mats provide immediate drainage of excess water into the drainage layer, making the arena useable immediately after heavy rain. The layer under the mats creates a pathway for high volume water flow. Traditional arena bases are designed for water to flow over them, slowing down the drainage of your arena base. OTTO-Perforated Mats are designed to allow water to flow through them thereby solving all of these disadvantages.

Watch how the arena at Arroyo Del Mar handled El Nino rain

Water Retention

OTTO-Perforated Mats are designed with a water retention system that holds up to one gallon per mat. That equals 1,200 gallons for a standard 20 x 60 dressage court. The entire surface maintains even hydration for a more consistent footing. This provides a correct, even, and consistent moisture level across the entire surface, thereby decreasing costs and increasing surface performance.


OTTO-Perforated Mats are manufactured from recycled synthetic materials, which actively contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development. Quality management also includes regular screenings conducted by the German Association for Technical Inspection (TÜV) that approve compliance with statutory regulations for soil and groundwater protection. According to this, the OTTO Perforated Mats comply with all standards set by the German“Bundesbodenschutz-Verordnung” (Federal Soil and Groundwater Protection Order).


Durability and warranty — OTTO-Perforated Mats have been installed on more than 5,000 equestrian facilities throughout the world and have impressively proven maximum performance and durability. OTTO Sport gives a 20-year warranty on the Mats when installed according to specifications.


Longevity of Surface — OTTO-Perforated Mats­­­ creates a proper and durable separation between the footing and the substructure. This increases the lifespan of the arena. Stones will not migrate up from the drainage layer into the sand footing, and sand will not migrate down into the drainage layer. This ensures a long lasting arena surface that remains consistent from installation into the future