ONWELL - Headset


The ONWELL wired mono headset with gooseneck microphone makes training more efficient. Your trainer gives you instructions before the next obstacle over the CEECOACH, which you implement in the saddle. Choose the earbud and ONWELL headset sizes that are right for you and then place the ear hook around your ear.

Wear the ONWELL Mono Headset on either ear as needed for optimum awareness of your surroundings, for example traffic when cycling on roads. Simply turn the earbuds in the desired direction. The adjustable gooseneck microphone rests on your cheek. Bend the microphone towards your mouth for optimum speech reception, even through background noises like wind. Use the clip to attach the cable to your riding vest for complete freedom of movement whilst riding.


1 x ONWELL Headset

2 x pairs large ear buds,

1 x foam microphone windblocker,

1 x cable clip

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